Akame Ga Kill – Review

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Basuke's review of the well known anime: Akame Ga Kill

Akame Ga Kill – Review

It’s always hard to live up to the hype when you are built up so high. Plenty of anime nowadays suffer of this, because the mangas that they are based off of are far superior to their anime counterparts. A lot of the time the anime either don’t have the budgets to really showcase an incredible fight scene, either they are just way too rushed, which results in a ton of characters just being thrown away from the spotlight in exchange for a simpler and more linear plotline. Akame Ga Kill is one of these anime that a lot of people have been disappointed with, because in the manga, these characters are fully fleshed out and they actually have a lot of screen time, but because of the limited amount of episodes, the anime had to concentrate only on a couple of characters, so when it came to the sad parts that were heartbreaking in the manga, the anime ended up just looking predictable at times. But today we’re not here to compare between the anime and the manga, no, today we’re here to review Akame Ga Kill and see if it’s worth a watch. With that being said, let’s get right into it.

The Plot

Tatsumi is your everyday adventurer. He kills monsters for a living, trying to basically be a hero while living in the city, alongside his 2 companions, with which he hasn’t gotten back together with because they separated a while back. During his first day in the city though, he ends up being framed by a girl and just like that he ends up on the streets. He is rescued by a family of rich people, but during the night, this family is attacked by a group of terrorists called Night Raid. Right as he is about to give his life to protect the little girl that saved him he is shown what happened to everybody else that was saved before him. The kind and loving family turns out to be a pack of psychopaths, and in the torture dungeons he finds his 2 companions, dead. He ends up killing the little girl and then the Night Raid decides to take him in. The rest of the story revolves around the Night Raid trying to take down the corrupt leaders in the city.

General Opinion

A lot of people have been disappointed, as mentioned previously, but most of the people that watched this with an open mind were satisfied enough. The animation is great, the characters, although nowhere near as fleshed out as they were in the manga, still stand out a lot thanks to their designs and one liners. The general public’s opinion was definitely positive, to say the least.

Personal Opinion

Personally, this anime, although predictable at times, really stood out to me because none of the characters really seem to be all bad, except for the Prime Minister, who plays the role of the puppeteer that controls the Emperor. The evil characters are all very fun to watch and interact off of each other, some might say that they are even more fun to watch than the Night Raid themselves. There is even a romantic plotline that I personally thought was very well made. Although it’s nowhere near perfect, it’s definitely not a bad title either. It stands out in all of the right places, which makes for a very entertaining experience.


All in all, Akame Ga Kill was definitely entertaining to watch. As mentioned previously, it couldn’t really capture the emotional side that much because in the manga a ton of characters end up dying a lot, while in the anime most of the side characters don’t get more than 2-3 episodes of screen time before they end up dropping dead. The soundtrack that plays every now and then is phenomenal, as far as shounen anime go, this soundtrack is a cut above the rest. Animation wise, it’s your typical animation style and quality, although it does showcase some interesting fight scenes, but by the end of the day it’s nothing special. Overall, this one’s definitely worth a watch, regardless if you’ve read the manga or not.